Legacy oil portraits

younger eyes looking up up at an elderly face - heart filled with love for the the memories gone by 

Portrait Gallery

Thank you for your interest in my work.      I believe it comes from something far greater than my own thoughts.  It begins with the energy that is created between us and I let the magic unfold in the process of making your art piece!

Whether it is a portrait of you, your family or your grandchildren, your portrait will be cherished for generations!  

Designing Your Legacy, . . .   What Would You Like To Say?

Each portrait piece is designed with the utmost careful detail in mind, which takes time, but it has been will be will worth it  for my most discerning clients. I will meet with you, go over in detail what you have in mind and help you in each step of the way.  I will take you on a journey from your ideas, mixing my creativity and showing you exactly which size will fit perfectly into your home. 

 Custom Legacy Oils 

Starting at $4000

starting size,  16 x 24 

Each commission is custom quoted.  Price is depended on design, location, framing and installation.  I create each art piece myself.  I am the one designing your session, photographing, and creating the all brush strokes making each piece into a painting.  Each piece is printed on canvas with added transparent glazes of oil for a rich illuminating feel.

A custom art piece represents "a pause in life" What will be your pause

A child's portrait reminds your children that they are the center of your home. 

sisters-best friends for life-holding on to the light of life

30 x 40 Custom Oil Piece

Looking at these two see their portrait for the first time and watching eyes as big as saucers and grins as big as the cheshire cat was magic for me.

Family Portrait 

50 x 40  canvas oil of  beloved grandparents

I love that this is the last thing I see when I leave the house and the first thing I see when I come back.   Mounted on Canvas  each piece is painted and professionally framed.  Custom art pieces are one of a kind and certainly will be treasured for a lifetime. Become a caretaker of your family's heirloom for the next generation to love.

Fairy Princes

20 x 27  inch portrait in a gold frame

Our 'realities' are make-believe - whatever we make ourselves believe, we experience.             Jen Sincero

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Have questions or are you ready to book your Art Session?  Schedule a 30-minute free consultation.  What fits your needs? I can come to you, we can meet at my studio or I am a phone call away.  517 627- 2159

About Me

Carol began her artistic endeavors as a watercolor artist, then later expanded her career to include professional photography. Carol earned the Master of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America in 2014. Her journey increased her passion for art, as she began combining photographs with digital painting techniques.

This process begins with a photograph, but evolves as digital brushstrokes are each carefully placed, blending pixels into textured strokes with painstaking detail. This technique may take several days to complete on a single image.

Carol finishes her work with traditional oils painted on top of the canvas image, adding texture, color and luminance. The technique involves multiple layers of glazing, paint and the over-glazing.

The combination of these modern and classical techniques has led to the creation of Carol’s “Illuminating Oil” paintings. Each piece is transformed into a painterly style of old world art.  In some portraits, Carol adds a touch of fantasy and others a more classical style. Each image is created based on personal consultations with the client before the commission actually begins. Carol’s studio is in Grand Ledge, Michigan. She accepts commission works from around the world.